Pokemon Go_oofs

So the share price of Nintendo doubles in two weeks on the back of Pokemon Go which is a free downloadable app.
Nintendo forced to announce no change to profit target as they will make very little money from Pokemon Go as it’s actually free.
Share price immediately drops 18 per cent.
Hands up all who have recently bought Nintendo shares ?
There are some who can make money from Pokemon Go apparently :

I don’t understand it and not getting involved ….

Ryanair – cheap as shamrocks

The biggest low cost carrier in Europe and their trading statement this morning.

Cost of fares coming down 8% because of Brexit. Expanding number of flights to compensate that. Hence profit target maintained.

Maintaining a very low cost base.

Shares up 5.8% on back of statement today.

Ryanair are our business partners now since we bought the Spanish holiday let investment. Maybe make a supportive investment but balanced off against too many onions in one sombrero

Breaking rule 8 with Gallium Asenide Wafers

Having almost bought Autonomy and then ARM. I bought into the Welsh boys IQE  on Thursday on the back of a positive statement and in my dreams potential takeover bid.
Up 30% in a week !
A clear strategy to wait for a takover bid, but how long to wait ? They’ve already been going 20 years without one.
I’ll probably wait just long enough to find out what the world expects from Gallium Asenide Wafers.
Answers on the back of a wafer please !

Brexit investor means Brexit investor

So whats changed apart from the stock market dropping most of my shares 20% and my SIPP has also dropping the same.

We are talking here serious falls in Banks and House builders. Lloyds dropped 3% just last Friday.

Thought there was a housing shortage ? Investors Chronicle recommending high dividend paying house builders like Taylor Wimpey.

If only the Stock Market would fall in line …..