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The Harbour Series from Keith Athay – we bought from Whitewall Galleries

I leave this to the other half, my criteria being obviously that it has to make money. Also it has to be invested in up and coming artists preferably who are poor, talented and ambitious with great potential. I’m also keen on understanding the process of how and when you decide to sell and crystallise the profit, I’m assuming at some point before the wall space in the house gets full.

Aside from that the other halves rules are as dictated:
– you have to enjoy art as the research is quite time consuming
– you have to like the painting and the colours you buy
– it helps to get to know the artist style, specialist areas and future proposals
– you have to get to know the dealers you can trust and build a relationship with them
– it can take a long time, sometimes years to sell a painting for the price you want for it. You have to wait until someone comes along who likes it enough.

Below is our full collection for now but we are in the very early stages of investment.

Our visitors are quite entertained to put them in order of valuations and quite surprised when they get it wrong:

Number 1


Yellow Meadow painted by Bruno Tinucci

Number 2

Fishing boats at low tide painted by Jackie Ward
Fishing boats at low tide painted by Jackie Ward

Number 3

Sea view
Harbour Town VI part of the Harbour Series painted by Keith Athay

Number 4

Tuscan Poppy Fields painted by Bruno Tinucci

Number 5

Racing Yachts
Racing Yachts painted by Marion E Wallace

Artists we like:
Bruno Tinucci, Marion E Wallace, Keith Athay, Jackie Ward

Dealers we deal with:
Gallery Sales – Mark Palmer here
Whitewall Galleries – here
Clarendon Fine Art – here
Artists & Illustrators – here

If you’d like to make us an offer we couldn’t refuse for any of these paintings contact me rather than Diana 🙂 , email us at .